In the bedroom

…I slowly run my fingers on the inside of his leg, all the way up to his balls and let them rest in my palm, feeling their weight. They feel tight, excited.. I cup them now with both hands, squeeze them lightly and guide them up towards my mouth. My tongue slips underneath them and I rest my lips right at the very back of his sack. A light bite there drives him crazy.. I open my mouth wide and let his balls slip in it. I lick…and I suck ..gently at first, then increasingly harder, fuelled from desire, feeling them tighten even more….

I’m eager to taste the rest of him….my tongue runs up his length again and cup my lips over his head, swallowing him deeper and deeper.. Pulling back, I make my tongue dance right underneath the head, slow, then fast, then slow and wet again. He is right on the edge now…but it’s too early for that! I push him back gently, away from me and take a second to admire his stunning body.
He looks at me hungrily and says: Let’s taste you now…

hotel bedroom
I lay down on the bed and pull him closer to me and we kiss passionately again… The way he starts to explore my body with his lips takes me to heaven.
He now can see how excited I’m, soaking wet and without any hesitation he dives right into me, liking, sucking and slurping every ounce of my juices.
He asks me to turn around, kneeling, bum high up and to lower my face to the pillow…”Close your eyes” he whispers.
I obey. He is my master and I’m such a good girl….

hotel bedroom
He then slides my knees wider with his strong arms, lies underneath me and starts kissing my pussy all the way up to my ass. Back and forth, licking and kissing it so gently but so papassionately, that I feel my whole body starting to shake.
As he starts to finger my ass I cum and as I’m screaming with pleasure he holds my bum tight in his grasp. He pulls me closer to his mouth and fills me in with his tongue, feeling my pussy hole tightening and pulsating at the same time.
He turns me over and kisses me, I can now taste myself onhis lips…

To be continued…..


Little black dress…

And here I am, planning my next filthy session…

Little black dress
Looking at my lingerie drawer bursting with all types of sexy underwear, kinky ones, role-play ones, romantic ones…I begin to wonder what sex mood He would be into today…

Little black dress

Should I send I a picture of a few sets and ask what he would like to see me wearing today?
Should I just surprise him?… Yes….I decide to put on a chic, classy black dress and a pair of sky-high Loubotins. Over no underwear at all…that should do it!Little black dress
The phone beeps and a message pops up:
“Room 217, gorgeous. So horny and already rock hard, waiting for you”

As I finish reading the text I can’t help but feel my pussy getting wet…my “lips” pulsating..
My dirty thoughts are already taking me to dreamland…
He’s tall, dark, handsome, has a body to die for and he’s bloody married!
That just adds to the excitement….

Little black dress

The doorbell goes, my driver is here! I grab my bag and hurry out impatiently. “Hilton, Park Lane, George, as fast as you can!” He nods with a smile and does his magic, avoiding the traffic and sneaking through Knightsbridge’s tiny side streets. The car pulls outside the impressive hotel entrance and George walks around to get the door for me.
I do my best not to run to the elevator and press 2. Fifteen seconds later I’m outside room 217 and he opens as I attempt to knock…”I felt you getting close”, he says with a big, sexy smile that just melts me…! I’m now absolutely soaking, feeling my juices run down my thigh …
Little black dress

He pulls me close and kisses me so passionately that it feels like he’s already inside me.
We barely make it through the door and I am already tearing at his clothes…
His tongue is exploring the depths of my mouth and I find myself gasping off air.
His shirt is off and on display is a wonderful muscular and toned body, he smells wonderful and my pussy now aches with desire.
He runs his hands slowly up my leg, riding my dress up higher and higher, pausing for a second when he gets to my bum and doesn’t find my knickers…The smile turns to a cheeky grin, the dress comes off and I can feel him getting even harder.

Little black dress
He lays me gently on the floor and starts kissing me again but this time more gently,  his mouth is also more moist a sign that he is really turned on.
As he lay on the top of me I feel his huge bulk, pushing into my wet pussy.
I can now feel my pussy juices running down my ass.
“Bed”, I gasp….

Little black dress

….and he takes me in his strong hands, carries me to the bedroom and sits me on the edge of the bed.
He takes a step back, letting me enjoy the view, while he slowly slips his jeans off and I can’t help but stare with huge desire at his massive erection.
I lean forward and beg with my eyes to have that beautiful cock in my mouth.
He reads me just right and drops his pants down, inching towards me…
I reach hungrily, grab it with my hands and start stroking it like is a prize possession.
I put my lips onto its head and slide the tip of my tongue up and down its length…
He moans in such a sexy way that I feel my clitoris expanding with excitement…

To be continued…. 😉

Be my Valentine

Here is my Valentine’s gift to all of YOU, my lovelies!

Roses are Red
Nuts are Brown
Skirts go up, pants come down..
Body to Body
Skin to Skin
When it’s stiff you stick it in!
Goes in dry
Comes out super wet
The longer it’s in the harder it gets
Fuck my Ass
Fuck my Pussy
Make me squirt my flowing juices

My Valentine

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Show me your Cock and I’ll suck it for you

My Valentine

Lick my Pussy
Finger my Ass
Smack my Bum
Keep shouting: “You, Filthy Lass!”

My Valentine

You think I’m a talented Poet? 😉